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What Is The National Execution Standard For Polyurethane Face Paints?

Polyurethane Face Paints is a two-part Face Paints, good anti-corrosion effect, wide application, is the first choice of heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating products, then, compared with other Face Paints, what kind of construction requirements, polyurethane Face Paints national construction standards? Next we will ask the Beijing Forbidden City polyurethane Face Paints research and development experts, to answer these questions for everyone.

Polyurethane Face Paints of the relevant national implementation standards:

Shan Polyurethane Face Paints Application standards: Common polyurethane Face Paints applications include instrumentation, plastic steel, ships, vehicles, wood, and metal surface anti-corrosion and decorative coatings.

Shan Polyurethane Face Paints Technical standards:

Polyurethane Face Paints Complete Curing time: 7 days; curing adhesion ≤ 2; Curing Agent: diluent = 5:1

Polyurethane Face Paints Dry film thickness: 40; wet film thickness: 78; Theoretical coating dosage: 100; polyurethane Face Paints Curing time: (25 Shan) 30min;

Polyurethane Face Paints coating mode: air spraying; diluent: Special diluent; Flash point: A: 24 Shan; Group B: 23 Shan;

What is the national execution standard for polyurethane Face Paints?

Construction standard of Shan polyurethane Face Paints:

1 polyurethane Face Paints and curing agent should be strictly matched, with available, 30 minutes after ripening for the best painting time, and in 6 hours finish painting.

2 Polyurethane Face Paints Construction curing Humidity: relative humidity should not be greater than 85%, otherwise it will cause the bubble phenomenon of paint film.

3 Polyurethane Face Paints Construction temperature: Less than 0 Shan, it will be difficult to occur curing reaction, so this time should be stopped construction.

4 Polyurethane Face Paints Use time: After curing 7 days, can be delivered.

According to the needs of the coating, the polyurethane surface paint products scientific classification, based on the ease of painting construction, by product managers, research and development staff to guide you. For your polyurethane Face Paints matching scheme, paint selection, color card display to provide detailed answers and warm guidance and reminders.

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