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Watercolor Is Generally Called Watercolor Paint

As the name suggests: watercolor it gives the impression that there are two kinds of one is to give a "water" feeling, very smooth and transparent; the other is to give a "color" feeling, a variety of different colors to stimulate our brains , Give us a different feeling, just as the world is colorful. In simple terms, watercolor is the fusion of water and color.

According to the characteristics are generally divided into transparent watercolor and opaque watercolor two. Respectively:

Watercolor is generally called watercolor paint. When the transparency is high and the colors overlap, the following colors will pass. Color is less color than ink, but the color is darker, suitable for people who like quaint tones. Even if the long-term preservation is not easy to change color.

Water powder, also known as advertising color, is opaque watercolor paint. Can be used for thicker coloring, a large area when the color will not appear uneven phenomenon. Although the same belong to the opaque watercolor paint, but the gouache is generally cheaper than propylene; but in the coloring, the number of colors and preservation, etc., slightly inferior to propylene. Should be used according to different purposes.

According to the production process Watercolor paint generally have four kinds:

Dry water color paint piece

Wet water color paint tablets

Tube paste watercolor paint

Bottled liquid watercolor paint

Artistic features

"Watercolor" As the name implies, is the water as a medium to reconcile the performance of paint painting. On its own with two basic characteristics:

One, the pigment itself has the transparency;

Second, the process of painting water flow.

The characteristics of watercolor material lead to the particularity of watercolor art. The combination of water color, transparency, randomness and texture are worthy of study. The wet and shades of water and the infiltration on the paper make the watercolor has a strong expression, and the formation of a wonderful variation of the relationship, resulting in a transparent heart, dripping fresh, fantasy and good fortification of the visual effects, and natural dominated The beauty of harmony, constitute the personality characteristics of watercolor, resulting in a unique irreplaceable particularity.

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