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The Market Countermeasure Of Acrylic Paint

Acrylic Paint Construction Reference:

1, the substrate surface must remove dust, oil, rust and water traces, etc., before the construction surface to clean and dry

2, the use of paint should be strictly in accordance with the proportion of marking, with how many, with special thinner to the construction of viscosity, coating not less than two and achieve the required thickness

3, acrylic polyurethane paint can be used with epoxy primer, finishing in the treatment of steel, aluminum alloy and other substrates on

4, ingredient two easy and moisture reaction, so the composition of the packaging barrels should be kept tight, so as not to absorb the tide deterioration

5, acrylic paint containing organic solvents, should be away from the source of fire, isolated heat

Strengthening the market countermeasures of acrylic paint coatings

(a) Enhanced publicity and guidance. Industrial and commercial sectors, the Consumer Council to increase publicity, real-time disclosure of coherent consumption alert to the community, suggesting that the wide consumer in the selection, purchase of home decorating paint, should be through various channels first acquaintance product information, to determine their own decoration needs, do not suffer from low price, false propaganda lure, do not too superstitious "foreign brand", health environmental protection results, and vigorously advocated rational, fair, scientific consumption; timely to the public to show the process of handling the case of fake and shoddy paint, actively promote the false identification of false knowledge, To guide the consumer to strengthen the law of the wind to check the false sense of self-protection.

(b) Increase the strength of the system. With the help of "doubles", "double insurance" and other special initiatives, to increase the market for building materials, home paint stores, such as the planning of the inspection efforts, procuratorial authority of its monopoly, the power of attorney is not authorized to engage in proprietary planning, strong to liquidation and ban, and urge the planning of the strict implementation of the household sales account, purchase inspection, card tickets and other systems, to ensure that home decoration acrylic paint Coatings market traceability system. Increase the strength of sampling testing, easy real-time, dynamic grasp of the paint market involves product performance, tranquility, packaging and other aspects of information, the foundation of the system.

(iii) Strengthening of the case nuclear office. To increase the volume of the coating market advertising, product lattice, such as the action of the Force, serious crackdown on false propaganda, to impersonate the real, shoddy and other illegal actions, and according to the law to hold records and investigate,-do not lend. Timely through the case to convey, publicity reports and other situations, to the public in flagrant cases of nuclear office hope, the results, the exact investigation of a batch of influence. In the nuclear paint sale of fake illegal cases, the industrial and commercial sector should strengthen and quality supervision of acrylic paint part of the collaboration, play its product grid sampling of the upper hand to hold evidence, to stop the evidence is not sufficient.

(d) Good law enforcement legislation. On the one hand, amending the system of good market systems and enforcement legislation as soon as possible, from the level of the Department of the main body to increase the strength of the subject, in the detention system to do with the flow of products and the quality of the work of the Department of the same, as because it is a multinational enterprise, is a large tax, on its illegal Action Network open a wall. On the other hand, it initiates the modification of the existing 49th, article 50th of the content of the fine, from the legislation to substantially improve the scale of penalty fines, through the progress of illegal costs to deter illegal action, and also to initiate growth in accordance with the law of the main enterprises attached to the provisions of joint and several responsibilities, prompting its automatic common industrial and commercial part of the law enforcement system

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