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The Difference Between Waterborne Glass Paint And Oily Glass Paint

Water-based glass paint and the difference between oil-based glass paint is still a lot of oil-based glass paint manufacturers, I am in these oil-based glass paint manufacturers to promote our water-based glass paint often have a lot of customers asked water glass paint and oily glass paint what is the difference? Here to tell you about what is the difference between the two: 1, water-based glass paint to use water as a thinner, and oily glass paint with water that day to do thinner, we all know that the day the water is toxic , From this point of view, water-based glass paint is more environmentally friendly than oily glass paint, and cleaning spray and mold with water-based glass paint, then you can clean water. And the use of oily glass paint, then only use the water that day to clean the spray and the like. 2, water-based glass paint anti-aging performance than oil-based glass paint strong. 3, the adhesion point of view, water-based glass paint better than oily glass paint. 4, the price is usually water-based glass paint is more expensive than oily glass paint, but the difference between the two different, the water that day about 8 yuan a kilogram, and the cost of water is very low, so the cost of integrated or almost the same.

Water-based glass paint Application Note:

1, operation, keep the job clean and clean site, the site temperature should be higher than 8 ℃, the relative temperature of less than 85%;

2, all the proportion of material configuration are weight ratio, should be strictly in accordance with the operation ratio and orderly preparation, pay attention to stir evenly, and to maintain adequate time to stand reaction;

3, modulation of good materials to filter use, generally run out in 7 days;

4, the glass surface of the painted oil, dirt, moisture to be clean and keep dry;

5, do laminated coating, you must wait for the lower coating before drying the next process;

6, the use of oven and other equipment to speed up the curing time, we must wait for the surface of the coating before drying;

7, before the coating is dry, please avoid contact with water or other solvents'

8, this product is pure water-based glass paint, please do not and oily paint or other paint mixed use, must be supporting the use of pure water-based glass paint products;

9, after the opening of a variety of materials to seal tight, in a cool and ventilated place to avoid exposure to sunlight. Storage and transportation temperatures can not be lower than 0 ° C or above 45 ° C.

10, before use, please carefully read the use of various materials requirements and precautions.

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