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Introduction To Waterborne Glass Paint

Coating industry:

With the enhancement of people's environmental awareness, water-based paint has become an important direction for the development of coatings. It not only reduces the solvent discharge in the production, but also can be more environmentally friendly, simply adjust the construction viscosity, in which glass (bottle) with water-based acrylic resin Ammonia paint is an emerging and promising branch. The reason is as follows:

1.Food safety, fire safety, occupational disease prevention and control and other aspects of the consideration is the introduction of water-based wine bottle paint the starting point;

2.Well-known wine companies have imported: Wuliangye, Yanghe, Langjiu, Gujing tribute wine, Ying Gongjiu wine, and so well-known wine business nearly two or three years to try to introduce water-based bottle paint for the glass bottle of water-based speed;

3.Many enterprises engaged in the development of glass paint and the production of water-based bottles of paint, this trend from the second half of 2011, this year more Tu enterprises to join, to further accelerate the water bottle of paint;

4.Performance, cost satisfaction, operability three aspects of water-based bottle paint the key to the success of the introduction.

Self-crosslinking acrylic emulsion prepared by a single group of self-drying water-based glass paint grade is low, but the application is more convenient; water-based dilution acrylic resin, water-based acrylic resin secondary dispersion of water-based amino baking paint hardness, Focus on a significant increase in ethanol, the performance close to the solvent-based level, VOC lower.

So the water-based glass paint if the resin performance (the introduction of organosiloxane unit or epoxy resin segment), into a paint formula is reasonable, can achieve the level of oily paint, which is in recent years R & D, production, market application of good reasons The

As the beginning of the development of water-based glass bottle paint late, in the supporting production and construction there are still some technical difficulties:

1.It is difficult to meet the needs of low temperature baking or high temperature short baking. Many wine enterprises or bottle processing plants follow the solvent-based bottle of paint baking line, but also hope that water-based paint can meet the 120 ~ 30 ℃ bake 15 ~ 20min excellent performance;

2.Single component requirements. At present, it is common to add the coupling agent before the construction. The single component needs to solve the problem that the storage stability and the storage performance do not decrease after the addition of the coupling agent. This problem is solved well in some coating enterprises.

3.Wine soak for more than 4 hours (or boiled for 2 hours), immediately after the test test adhesion (no recovery time, with a nail pull), can not be pulled for qualified. This requirement is higher, but there are plans to solve the problem;

4.Decals, bronzing problems. Many water-based wine bottle paint performance is good, but the higher requirements of the decal material, the general surface is narrow, many decal material on the bottle paint poor adhesion or no adhesion;

5.Surface effect problem. Common such as sagging, luster is not enough, the surface fog, pinholes, hiding power shortage and so on, need to paint in the study.

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