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Introduction To Crayons

Casting and extrusion manufacturing crayons can be used. Ratio of 40%C16~C18 fatty acid, 40% wax, pigments 5% and 15% a variety of fillers. Extrusion can be used more filler. Waxed varieties depends on glass, metal, wood, fabric, paper or other artistic requirements. Added in manufacturing material the pigment dispersion of water composition, can make the lines to water penetration and diffusion. This crayon writing material of new varieties.
With crayon (wax and pigments made from fusion, solidification) in paper, fabric or painted pictures on the Board. Crayons not permeable, is by adhesion fixed on the screen, not use glossy paper, Board, nor through color repeatedly stacked composite color is obtained. But graze or thick coat and color hue contrast between, crayon bright can also receive a thick beautiful, calm and solid artistic effect. In addition, crayon you can make through thick and thin strokes directly at free disposal for art, have a high-level overview of the artistic image, with special immature aesthetic. It is ideal for children learning color painting tools, some artists sketch and color it recorded.

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