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Differences Between Children's Art And Adult Art

Child art is the child's physical development, sensation and perception, emotions, attitudes, level of intelligence and life experience of the product. Contains two meanings, one is a natural development, secondly, education for, is a prerequisite for the development of nature, there is no development to that point, education is still limited, and even enthusiasm. Only follow the laws of the natural development of children, and education to help children in the creation of works of art and to develop better.
Adult art is based on people's physical and mental maturity and co-ordination, as well as deep, emotional stability and intellectual maturity, its content reflects the mature person to social and natural mature understanding, as well as the superb skill and proficiency in materials processing.
Between physical and mental maturity is a very important line. Although sometimes adults can pursue interest in children, but there are different, one is "tender", a pretend "tender", how can the same? indeed, many adult artists are very popular in children's art show the kind of fresh, naïve, spontaneous and uninhibited. And, in many focus system zhiwai of culture in the, adult art of performance way and children art performance world of way does very alike, like, based on value judge exaggerated important of image or details, with plane of of way organization image, with cover of way expression space, using subjective of or inherent of color depicting object, to x light type of "perspective" and deformation performance "by know", in works in the absorbed strongly of mood and so on.

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