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Development Trend Of Coating Industry

1. the industry norm
The extensive development of the coatings industry, has become a fatal factor for the development of this industry, paint industry consolidation is inevitable in the long evolution in the market, more and more enterprises due to the operation and development of the gradually withdrew from the industry. And industry-scale enterprises have more market space. Integrate and define the new structure of the industry, achieving the healthy and rapid development of the industry and become a focus for some time to come.
2. forcing the coatings industry to change the business model of technology development
The rapid development of the Internet these days, in the context of Internet +, more and more marketing industry being out, thinking of the many home improvement company is using the Internet to change the traditional development pattern. In this context, enterprises must adapt to the new market and new consumer habits. Using Internet thinking to examine and change the paint industry.
3. individual needs more obvious
As consumer demand improves, consumers diversified and personalized as the mainstream market. More and more consumers are like products have a unique personality, attention to products from quality, environmental protection and other elements to enjoy personalized products. For many with a focus on personalized business enterprise, is an excellent development opportunities.

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