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Acrylic Paint And Polyurethane Paint Is The Difference

Acrylic paint film drying fast, good adhesion, heat resistance, good weather resistance,

Has a good outdoor durability, can be applied at lower temperatures.

Usage: 1. Acrylic paint surface treatment paint base to achieve a solid clean, no oil, dust and all other dirt, smear base no acid, alkali or water condensation, the long-cured fluorocarbon primer, the application of sandpaper After playing the hair, can only paint after the road paint, cement wall application H01-1 epoxy closed primer closed, and then construction of fluorocarbon primer, topcoat; Shi a matte varnish.

2. Acrylic paint before the paint and curing agent according to the required ratio of good, with the number of how much, stir even after use, 8 hours with.

3. Acrylic paint construction process to keep dry and clean, not with water, acid, alcohol, alkali and other contact; with paint after curing agent drum must be covered.

4. Acrylic paint construction and drying period, the relative humidity of not more than 85%.

Acrylic paint and polyurethane paint is the difference: acrylic paint and polyurethane paint is often used in the end of the paint varieties, these two kinds of paint are different, mainly reflected in the paint ① weather performance, ② mechanical properties; for the user, Two kinds of paint in the use of the scope, the cost of painting a greater difference. At present the most widely used Chongqing acrylic polyurethane paint, combined with the advantages of two kinds of paint, is a comprehensive performance, indoor and outdoor can use the machinery, equipment, steel coating field of anti-corrosion, decorative topcoat varieties.

(A), the basic difference:

①, crown-acrylic paint, is a good outdoor weathering paint, acrylic resin for the performance of the composition of the paint, collectively referred to as acrylic paint. One-component acrylic primer (iron red, gray, black, lead-free, etc.), one-component acrylic finish, acrylic road marking paint, one-component acrylic drying paint and other varieties.

②, polyurethane paint, is a kind of indoor mechanical performance of the paint to polyurethane for the performance of the composition of the paint, collectively referred to as polyurethane paint. Polyurethane primer, polyurethane solid color finish, polyurethane hammer paint, polyurethane varnish and other varieties.

(B), the cost of coating comparison:

① single-component acrylic paint - coated with acrylic primer + acrylic finish, both sides of the bottom two sides, the coating thickness of about 100μm case, the cost of coating materials is about 14-15 yuan / square meter. Two-component indoor polyurethane paint, coated with epoxy primer + polyurethane finish, a bottom two or two bottom two sides, the coating thickness of about 100-120μm case, the cost of coating materials is about 12-14 Yuan / square meter. ② two-component acrylic polyurethane paint - coated with epoxy primer + acrylic polyurethane topcoat, both ends of the two sides, the coating thickness of about 120μm in the case of coating material costs about 17-20 yuan / square meter.

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