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Gouache in our country there are several, such as advertising, promotion, opaque watercolor, relatively cheap, easy to learn, especially suitable for beginners to learn primary subject as color.
Dry and wet climatic changes of the gouache is very large, in gouache was wet when its color saturation and oil paints as high, but when it comes to dry, color saturation significantly reduced, gouache colors generally lighter.
Gouache paints most of the more transparent, the glue set, made up of silty material, covering relatively strong, drawing water from the deepest color has begun to paint, then layers of Slipcovers, but easier to turn out purplish color, it is generally not used for underpainting, such as rose, violet color.
Gouache color grain is very fine with water after the colors are beautiful, but does not cover the background. Watercolor paint ultramarine blue, ochre, red clay is a mineral pigment, used alone or mixed with other hues are prone to precipitation occurs. There are many pigments on the market today, but is also a distinction between pigment and pigment, different brand because of the different fineness of grinding and resin, and there will be differences, new crafts art supplies limited Tsou art materials using high quality gelatin pigment refining, made into paste and fine texture.

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